European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece – Bulgaria 2007 - 2013




Veda Slovena

Veda Slovena. Bulgarian folk songs from the prehistoric and pre-Christian times. Found in Thrace and Macedonia and issued by Stefan I. Verkovich, book 1, Beograd, 1874.


He considers the collection Veda Slovena the acme of his research work as an ethnographer and archaeologist. The songs of the Chech region are connected mainly with Orpheus - Rozhdenie Orfeevo (the Orpheus birth) and Orfeeeva zhenitba so kerka na Arabska krale (Orpheus marries the daughter of the Arabian king).


 The collection Veda Slovena is considered a scientific discovery all over the Europe. The Bulgarian and European scientist are still divided in two. Some consider Vedas mistification, other seek for the rational grain in them. 


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