European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece – Bulgaria 2007 - 2013




The Project
Project philosophy
The prosperity of every region depends mostly on the people who live there. And the people means not simply men, women and children who spend their time at such place, but their history, culture, dreams, aspirations and everything they create.  The knowledge and the pride of the people for their history and culture is an important element of their motivation to live and create in their homeland and to contribute for its development and prosperity. 
The main project goal is to create conditions so that the local people get to know and be proud of the cultural heritage in the cross-border region in the Mesta River valley and to contribute to its long-term preservation.
The project will meet the outstanding need for revival and safeguarding of the specific culture of the region, which should be documented more completely and will create conditions for its transfer to the future generations. 
The idea is that the local residents take part actively in the process of documentation of the cultural traditions so that they develop a feeling for ownership over the project deliverables and have willingness and pursuit of acquiring abilities to safeguard and develop further these products after project completion. 
The Mesta River valley from both sides of the Bulgarian - Greek border has unique nature. And the people who live there are unique, too - with their music and dances, with their traditions and their history.
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Project results

New folklore costumes

Musical instruments

The renovated scene

The renovated audience hall