European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece – Bulgaria 2007 - 2013




Songs and dances in the rituals and customs
The pre-Christian and pre-Islamic ethno-cultural fund of the Bulgarians is the foundation on which is created and developed the folklore culture in the South-West Rhodopes. In the region of Gotse Delchev, the Bulgarian ring dancing and singing tradition adapts to the Bayram feast - many Bayram songs originate from the local Bulgarian ring dancing and singing tradition - in the case of Gotse Delchev - from the tradition of Pirin.
In the community centre of Kochan is made artistic performance of a traditional ritual associated with the beginning of the harvest-time, interesting and somewhat naturally related to how the young people get to know each other, engagements and "stealing" the young women. 
From the pagan period have remained traditional beliefs associated with water and the related rites for fertility, purification and health - they have impacted the later beliefs, lyrics and rituals performed on Yordanovden (Jordan's day), Jeremiah, St. George's day and Enyov den (Enyo's day). In the West Rhodopes there are songs related to the customs Pereruda (Butterfly) and Enyovden (Dolen village and Satovcha), but they are rather preserved as an art and their relation with the ritual has faded. The custom praying for rain - Peperuda (Butterfly), in Slashten called also "Kebyo" aims to induce rain by magic in drought-time. Green ivy is stuck on the head of the Peperuda - at her home or near the river.

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